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Keiko Uno

Convergence – An Exploration of Artistic Unity

31st October 2019

Congratulations Melissa Cook on your latest capsule of exquisite Giroud athleisure wear. We admire your sense of style, the love, care and thought you put into each of your creations, the way you honour the artists and artisans who work with you to bring your creative vision to life, and your desire to add to the light and goodness of this world.

Thank you to those who attended the creative collaboration of Mel, Caroline Christie-Coxon and Keiko Uno Jewellery. This gratitude extends to each and everyone of you who have supported and encouraged us on our artistic journeys to bring us to this moment to share our collaborative vision of ‘art infused active wear paired with exquisite jewellery to inspire and amaze’.

You can order your bespoke handcrafted Giroud athleisure wear –

Special thanks to Ayor Makur of Ayor Models, Natasha Marchev and Alexandra Michelle Brunsdon Alexandra Michelle Brunsdon of Kurvy Kitty Models, Priyanka and Maddie. And to Julia Norris of Mind my Body & Soul who helped me with conquering my fear of public speaking X