Keiko Uno
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Keiko Uno

Ocean Intrigue

'LOVE Ocean'

A solid 18karat white gold statement ring featuring sapphires and diamonds.

The ocean serves as an analogy of life and love for Keiko.

The ocean is a great constant. While in winter the water may look unwelcoming and in summer a delight, the actual water temperature usually varies just 6 degrees. Similarly, the same ocean’s appearance ranges from crystal blue to inky black, but all the time the composition of the water remains the same and the colour seen is just a reflection of the sky.

‘There are some days when life and love can seem to be against us. While other days we feel their uplifting force. On reflection, however, we see that life and love are constant and enduring positives, and that it was only our own thoughts that changed the way the world appears,’ says Keiko.

‘LOVE Ocean’ is a reminder that while our outlook on life and our acceptance of love may change from time to time, depending on our internal projections, the positive energy we can draw from love and life is actually always present.

Keiko utilises three different hues of blue sapphire in her ‘LOVE Ocean’ ring to depict the perceived changes in the moods of the sea. These are juxtaposed against the constant vibrant energy of the ocean expressed through the clean, white, sparkling diamonds. The cool, smooth, mirror-like finish of the gold encourages a calm and peaceful outlook on life.


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