Keiko Uno
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Keiko Uno

Ocean Intrigue

'White Water'

A solid 18karat white gold pendant featuring white diamonds on a French silk cord. The pendant is available in a medium or large size.

Keiko loves the way the ocean is constantly changing. ‘The play of light and wind on the water, and the movement of swell lines paint a different scene every hour,’ says Keiko. The ocean evokes so many different emotions, but constant for Keiko is the playful vitality and energy of the sea. The ‘White Water’ series utilises sparkling white diamonds to capture the playful vitality of the sea, and the mirror like finish of white gold gives a sense of the cool calmness of the ocean. The cable twist French silk cord of ‘White Water’ gives the finishing touches to the nautical theme.

POA – Ocean Intrigue Collection currently not available for online purchase, click to enquire below