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L117mm W16mm H12mm

A pair of solid sterling silver statement earrings with 18karat yellow gold finish and silver accent featuring baroque pearl and white topaz. Also available with different gemstones and finishes.

Keiko Uno’s Octopus collection is inspired by the mystery, intelligence and tenacity of one of the ocean’s most revered creatures. 

From the Gorgon, Kraken to Akkorokamui, the myths surrounding octopuses have gripped our collective imagination for thousands of years. These mysterious creatures fascinate with their unconventional elegance and tenacious ability to adapt and regenerate.


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Marie-Anne Keeffe (MAK), General Manager of Telethon 7 Perth

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Mrs Cocoon, Owner of Cocoon Luxury Australia

Jaime Bowler, Keiko Uno Jewellery Brand Ambassador

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